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"Unforgettable Date Night: A Recap of the Ultimate Romantic Experience at IBIZASLC with Flex"- February 16th @ 8:59pm MST

Get ready for a night filled with passion, romance, and heart-pounding music as Flex returns to IBIZASLC on Friday, February 16, 2024, from 8:59 PM to 2:00 AM MST.

Event Details:

  • Date: Friday, February 16, 2024

  • Time: 8:59 PM–2:00 AM MST

  • Venue: IBIZASLC, 180 W 400 S, Suite B, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

  • Ticket Price: $45.00 for Admission Ticket

  • Dress Code: Upscale fashionable attire required. No flip flops, athletic sneakers, work boots, beach attire, baseball hats, baggy clothing, or athletic wear allowed.

  • Age Restriction: 21 & Over

What to Expect:

Celebrate the month of love with Flex, the ultimate exponent of the romantic style, straight from Panama 🇵🇦. Prepare to be swept off your feet as Flex serenades you with his mesmerizing melodies and soulful tunes. This is your chance to experience the magic of Flex's music in an intimate and unforgettable setting.

Suggested Events:

Extend the romance by checking out other exciting events happening at IBIZASLC throughout February. From the vibrant Latin rhythms of Vibra Sabados Latinos to the cultural celebration of the Afrotribe Party, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Don't miss out on this special night of romance and music at IBIZASLC with Flex! Share this event with your friends and loved ones, and let's make memories that will last a lifetime. #Flex #IBIZASLC #RomanticNight #SaltLakeCity #Nightlife

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